Sunshine Coast Swimming Pool Fence Inspections and Pool Safety Certificates Queensland

We inspect pool fences in the Sunshine Coast area and provide certificates of compliance

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Sunshine Coast Pool Fence Inspections Queensland:

New Pool Fence Safety Laws will apply in Sunshine Coast from December 2010. The Queensland Building Amendment Act 2010 will apply to all pools within Queensland including private residential home owners and landlords, home sellers, body corporates and even accommodation providers such as hotels, motels, resorts and caravan parks. Under the new laws of 2010 all pool will need to be certified within 5 years of this Act.

Sunshine Coast pool fence safety certificates will remain valid for 1 year for shared pools such as Resorts, Hotels, Motels & Caravan Parks & Body Corporates & 2 years for private sellers or landlords, this also includes private residential pools in Sunshine Coast (home pools).

Under the new laws, owners of non-shared pools (home pools) cannot lease their properties without a current pool safety certificate in place. For all other pools, where a property is sold without a certificate, a prescribed disclosure notice must be given by the seller to the buyer advising them that the pool may be non-compliant. The buyer then has 90 days to make the pool compliant and obtain a pool safety certificate by a licenced pool inspector.

Sunshine Coast property owners and commercial operators risk large fines if they do not meet these new laws. To avoid the rush call us today to arrange to your pool fence inspection and have a pool fence safety certificate emailed or posted to you within 2 days of your pool fence inspection. This certificate will meet the New compliance laws and provide you with piece of mind in knowing your pool fence now meets the new Queensland compliance laws design to keep your family and visitors safe. It's a small price to pay for potentially saving a life.


Sunshine Coast Pool Inspections & Fence Safety Certificates

Pool fence safety certificates Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Pool Fence Safety Inspections

Swimming Pool Safety inspections in Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Swimming Pool inspections

Swimming Pool Fence Safety Inspection Sunshine Coast

Mooloolaba Noosa & Maroochydore Swimming Pool Fence Safety Certificates

Sunshine Coast Pool Safety Inspections

Sunshine Coast Pool Fence Inspectors

Pool Safety Certificates Sunshine Coast

We carry out Swimming Pool Fence Inspections in the Sunshine Coast area and provide written Pool Safety Certificates.

All Pool Fence Safety Certificates issued in Sunshine Coast meet the new Queensland pool compliance laws

The new Queensland pool safety laws will apply from December 2010.

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